Health Management Willing to Give Glenview up to Five Board Seats

Experient Health Launches Health Care Reform FAQ Blog Series Online

The proposal to Glenview, which included making one of the fund’s nominees the chairman, came a week after Health Management agreed to be bought by rival hospital operator Community Health Systems Inc. (CYH) for $3.9 billion. Glenview is the biggest owner of both companies’ shares but has been pushing to replace Health Management’s board through a consent solicitation. “The board believes that it is critical and in the best interest of shareholders and HMA for there to be some continuity on the board given, among other things, the ongoing government investigations, the management transition and the pending transaction with Community Health Systems Inc.,” Health Management said in a statement.
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But opponents of the bill immediately freaked out and declared the costs to have skyrocketed. As Jonathan Chait reported:

The outcry was so widespread that the CBO took the unusual step of releasing a second update to explain to outraged conservatives that they were completely misreading the whole thing: “Some of the commentary on those reports has suggested that CBO and JCT have changed their estimates of the effects of the ACA to a significant degree. That’s not our perspective. … Although the latest projections extend the original ones by three years (corresponding to the shift in the regular ten-year projection period since the ACA was first being developed), the projections for each given year have changed little, on net, since March 2010.” That is CBO-speak for: “Go home. You people are all crazy.”

As Chait goes on to note, the CBO now projects that “the law would reduce the deficit by slightly more than it had originally forecast.” The Affordable Care Act $500 Billion Cut From Medicare Normally, if you tell Republicans that you’re going to cut $500 billion from Medicare, they will respond by saying, “Hooray, but could we make it $700 billion?” But the moment they got it into their heads that the Affordable Care Act would make that cut from Medicare, suddenly everyone from the party of ending Medicare As We Know It, Forever got all hot with concern about what would happen to these longstanding recipients of government health care. In fairness, as Factcheck pointed out, the GOP opponents of Obama’s plan were simply picking up a cudgel that had recently been wielded by the president himself:

Whether these are “cuts” or much-needed “savings” depends on the political expedience of the moment, it seems.
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Cruz to conservatives: Lawmakers can’t be depended on in fight against Obama’s health care law

With one application, you can see all your options and enroll. Application for the marketplace can occur online, by mail or in person with the help of a navigator. While all insurance plans are offered by private companies, the marketplace is run by either your state or the federal government, according to Open enrollment starts October 1, 2013. Experient Health offers a private insurance marketplace . Any job-based health plan you currently have qualifies as minimum essential coverage, according to Experient Healths new Blog series.
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Obama: Republicans’ ‘Unifying Principle’ Is Denying Health Care To 30 Million People

That reaction right there shows how we win this fight, Cruz said. If I was sitting in the Senate cloakroom, the reaction would be fundamentally different. If we have to depend on Washington, it will never be done. As he has in remarks to other conservatives, Cruz asserted that a grassroots effort would be needed. The only way we win this fight is if the American people rise up and hold our elected officials accountable, he said. Cruz has been part of a push by some conservative lawmakers to close the government temporarily this fall by refusing to fund federal operations beyond Sept.
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